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BtcTrade software is for software traders around the world.

BtcTrade can be used as 100% mechanical and automated (Auto) trading system. Based on our trading signals, you select trading rules, make it fully automated.

BtcTrade has provided traders with specific optimal buy and sell signals as well as dynamic risk-control .

As we know worldwide there will be price different in different platforms of bitcoin trading , by considering this different Country by Country , BtcTrading shows you the buyers list with maximize profitable price bid offer for you in live time , which will gives you around 5% to 15% profit instantly in real time!!

Features :

  • Offers you the first hand experiences to evaluate and to test drive the software in any way you prefer.
  • FULLY functional for any markets: stocks, futures, e-mini, forex and bonds etc.
  • All Windows OS Supported.
  • Real-Time data feed
  • Live Traders Worldwide to contact directly

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